Last night I found out Unreal Editor 4 (UE4) is free to use, up until you actually start generating some decent revenue. Although I can use GameMaker Studio or Unity for the project ideas I've had thus far, the ability to use UE4 without having to pay a penny until I'm making something is music to my ears. On top of that UE4 is one of the best Game Editors in the business. Of course it is a bit daunting to see at first but I'm confident that I'll pick it up well in this class and with my own efforts.

I have high hopes for Paper 2D, the 2D capabilities of UE4 so that I may be able to do all of my game design solely within UE4 and not need to manage two different Game Editors. I'm so glad I started going back to school, I only wish I had done this sooner.

Last night we were assigned our first assignment from 3D Game Development. Walking in I would have thought it would have been with UE4 but it was actually to be done with Maya. The assignment is to create 3 simple polygon objects. Mind you I rarely work with 2D art software let alone 3D. That being said it was actually fun and a bit challenging to not botch something, which I did a few times.

Currently I have 3 objects which I think I'll use, they are: cannon on a wall, a hover tank and a box man.


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