Finishing Javascript and "What do you have to lose?"

So I spent the afternoon yesterday pouring through the JavaScript tutorial on codeacademy. I managed to complete all of it however a few of the pieces were not as straight forward for me as I'd have liked. Maybe it was just me, but those that gave me the most difficulty I felt like the wording for the instructions was convoluted. Maybe I'll update this post with the specific ones that gave me the most difficulty but the Q&A forums turned out to be virtually no help at all. Perhaps I could have posted and a response would have helped however I didn't know how long that would have taken so I just tinkered with it until I figured out the slight intricacy that was needed.

To show off my achievements I have earned I've provided a link to the achievements page of my profile:
If only they had C++ on there I would absolutely be going through that tutorial. Sadly though I don't think any of the other tutorials on their website would be worth the time investment right now. This is definitely a great site for aspiring web programmers with tutorials on html, css, html, web design, python, ruby, php, and two newly coming pieces for sql, and version control; git. If you are an aspiring web designer or web app programmer I highly recommend trying it out, what do you have to lose?


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