Last night I started 2D Scripting. I went in expecting to utilize scripts within Gamemaker but it looks like we will actually be focusing on learning to use GML, at least to start. I should look on the bright side of things, since I did the majority of my last class in GML anyways, this shouldn't be that tough which will enable me to spend some time learning to do more 2D within UE4. I am psyched about where things are going now.

Our first homework assignment is to finish an estimated 10 hours of JavaScript on Codeacademy. Although we have five weeks before it is due, I'm expecting to get it finished off for next week of class. This will be funny, me going from one of the worst procrastinators of all time to trying to get stuff down beyond ahead of schedule.

I had planned to finish a great portion of it off today however I slept in, then had an appointment, and shopping to do. While eating lunch I thought of just starting the movie Chappie, maybe putting in about 30 minutes but that didn't work as planned. I was sucked in quickly and didn't want to stop watching it. The movie was well worth the time and its not all bad, I am at 7% complete with the JavasScript lessons, so its not all bad.

Well I have an hour before I leave for class tonight, so I should get a bit more work done. Peace.


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