Learning JavaScript

I have now put in a solid hour or two into JavaScript from code academy so far. It's going relatively well as I've completed roughly 33% of the material. Of course this is the easiest of the material so far and I've encountered a couple parts that took me a bit to get through. I need to remain focused and I'll be able to get through it by next week for sure.

I have to say the JavaScript program is actually pretty good for being free. It covers a lot of materials and although it is different from GML, it is similar enough for most individuals to get a lot from it. Of course this is just perspective is just from me taking a look at the rest of the subjects the tutorials will be covering.

That being said I wish it had a C++ tutorial but I'm confident I'll learn well with my materials in class and what I'm working on outside of school. I can't wait until the time I feel more confident with UE4 so that I'll be able to complete some of my own games.


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