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Microsoft HoloLens

For this blog I'm going to be researching the Microsoft HoloLens. First some hardware details about the HoloLens. It is a headset of smart-glasses that are cordless. It is essentially a self contained windows 10 computer with multiple processors that is able to sift through "terrabytes of data" in real time. The smart-glasses provide a 3D optical head-mounted display, creating what is known as an Augmented Reality (AR).  The unit also provides spatial sound to create surround sound if you will. It does have a micro USB port for charging, buttons for brightness, volume, and power. Also there are LED lights to indicate power status and battery.

When using the HoloLens the device tracks your eye movement, so you're able to interact with the AR through a combination of your gaze, voice and hand gestures. A stark difference to many devices of similar design coming out right now is that the Microsoft is going for the Augmented Reality, a virtual world that layers over the r…

Legacy of the Strategy Genre

I have chosen to research the strategy genre because many of my favorite games have serious strategic elements. Originally I believe strategy games were targeted towards teaching military strategy, so leaders of forces would do a better job thinking ahead of their opponent. I do not believe that strategy games are limited to teaching military strategy anymore, such that there may be strategy games used specifically for a military however the genre itself has expanded greatly with many upon many subcategories. People from many walks of life play strategy games for many different purposes.

The very first strategy video game was called Invasion and it was made for the Magnavox Odyssey. Invasion was released in 1972. The board game Risk played as inspiration for Invasion. The game is played with up to four players, but two minimum. Each player is given a section of land with a portion of the castles. The goal is to conquer all of your opponents castles. To conquer your opponents castle you…

Unreal Editor 4 first tutorial

So I started my first UE4 tutorial on Sunday. It's one creating a top down 2D game. Right off the bat I felt how much more complex it is than Gamemaker Studio. Of course UE4 is 3D and far more powerful but still it's like night and day when comparing the two.
So far I'm only working with blueprints, and I assume drag and drop is comparable to blueprints and GML is comparable to C++ in UE4. I'll cross that bridge when the time comes.
Even though the tutorial is describing everything to do it is still a challenge making sure each of the steps are followed exactly. In due time I'm confident I'll be just as fluid with UE4 as I felt I started to become with GMS. The tough part is right now, getting through this learning curve. There are so many tutorials, documentation, examples and community support that I will get there, in time.
Back to the tutorials. Oh and if you're curious which tutorial specifically I'm doing it is this one: Top Down Paper 2D

Simulation Review of Game Dev Tycoon

For my Simulation and Serious Game Design course we were posed to review a serious simulation. I chose to review Game Dev Tycoon by Greenheart Games. It was self published by Greenheart Games in 2012 with a later release in 2013 on steam with Valve Corporation publishing it as well. There appears to be no ESRB rating for the game on PC. It would fall specifically into the Business Simulation category.

I think the game has some pluses and minuses in regard to it being a good learning platform. You learn about the financial inter-workings of game development which is quite important. You also learn about how large the scope of games can be, the different categories, different platforms, different aspects that go into games from game world, game play, sound, art style, etc etc..I didn't learn anything new from playing the game, but it put a lot of these aspects into concrete terms for me. Previously they had been more abstract.

I had fun playing the game. A few hours flew by while pl…

Reviewed Shadowrun Dragonfall and else

So I had to choose a game made after 2005 to review. I've been wanting to spend some time playing Shadowrun Dragonfall since it was released but sadly I haven't been able to make the time to do it. Now I had a legitimate reason to. After playing for a while yesterday I had enough data to answer all the questions my professor asked. This was my summary:
The year is 2054, the place Berlin. You are a shadowrunner, an elite asset hired for one purpose: to work in the shadows for the mega corporations. You can be a spellslinger, a ghost in the shadows, a charismatic face, a man with more machine than meat, a drone controller or just a tough nut Troll. The world is far from what we know of it today, magic has returned along with it goblinization - individuals turning into Orks and Trolls, as well as Dwarves and Elves. There are Dragons and other creatures best not met. You being your adventure on a simple job, a milk run if you were. From this point on you get drawn into the great wri…