Reviewed Shadowrun Dragonfall and else

So I had to choose a game made after 2005 to review. I've been wanting to spend some time playing Shadowrun Dragonfall since it was released but sadly I haven't been able to make the time to do it. Now I had a legitimate reason to. After playing for a while yesterday I had enough data to answer all the questions my professor asked. This was my summary:
The year is 2054, the place Berlin. You are a shadowrunner, an elite asset hired for one purpose: to work in the shadows for the mega corporations. You can be a spellslinger, a ghost in the shadows, a charismatic face, a man with more machine than meat, a drone controller or just a tough nut Troll. The world is far from what we know of it today, magic has returned along with it goblinization - individuals turning into Orks and Trolls, as well as Dwarves and Elves. There are Dragons and other creatures best not met.
You being your adventure on a simple job, a milk run if you were. From this point on you get drawn into the great writing and dialogue system that HareBrained Schemes has created. The shadows are a dangerous place as you quickly learn and sometimes its even more dangerous than you would have ever dreamed of. At times you will work with team members of your choosing and other times you may work with individuals you don’t know but you’re a professional. You do the job, no matter what it is...or do you? The choice is yours. There are many choices throughout the game, some have cosmetic impact, others have immediate feedback, and others will have long term implications.
When I play, I like to think of my character as one who only kills if he has to. This means he doesn’t do assassinations. Will you play like that? Will you play as a heartless killer, doing anything as long as the money is right? What kind of character will you play? No matter what choice you make, it’ll be fun and it’ll be engaging. No matter how you play your character and the game, you will be engrossed in the story and dialogue. Shadowrun Dragonfall is a highly recommended game.

I look forward to having some free time to go back and finish the game, but alas I have plenty of other things to keep me busy. For example for my 2D Game Scripting I had to work up a design document for the game our group created last week. One part of it was some pseudocode which I ended up writing a decent chunk of code for. Who knows how much of it will remain intact over the coming weeks but we will see.

Next up though I'm going to get some work done on the pong assignment. Peace.


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