Unreal Editor 4 first tutorial

So I started my first UE4 tutorial on Sunday. It's one creating a top down 2D game. Right off the bat I felt how much more complex it is than Gamemaker Studio. Of course UE4 is 3D and far more powerful but still it's like night and day when comparing the two.

So far I'm only working with blueprints, and I assume drag and drop is comparable to blueprints and GML is comparable to C++ in UE4. I'll cross that bridge when the time comes.

Even though the tutorial is describing everything to do it is still a challenge making sure each of the steps are followed exactly. In due time I'm confident I'll be just as fluid with UE4 as I felt I started to become with GMS. The tough part is right now, getting through this learning curve. There are so many tutorials, documentation, examples and community support that I will get there, in time.

Back to the tutorials. Oh and if you're curious which tutorial specifically I'm doing it is this one:


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