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Whats up

The past few weeks have been quite tricky with real life and when everything looked like it was going to stabilize, I broke my right hand. As I am right handed this is making everything more difficult, so my updates are going to be less frequent than I'd like. Have a fun Halloween weekend!

Progress Report 10/12

Sadly most of today was spent on personal matters so I had minimal time to work on any of my projects. The time I did have was spent on adding to the prototype for the clicker game. I added an upgrade button, to upgrade the return per click, set up a display for the return per second, and the return per click.

Thinking ahead, hopefully everyone does their part on time or ahead of schedule so I don't have to wait until the last minute. With math and art I guess it'll be ok to be with minimal time, but if the designer lags behind it may throw a wrench into the plans. Then again if I have everything done properly I might just be able to simply copy and paste, modify slightly and I'll have the new "unit" the designer added. With math and art, it should just be add the asset or plug in numbers. I kind of feel like the glue that will hold the project together.

The only thing I have left to do for my part of the project for class tomorrow is to research a save system, wh…

Progress Report 10/9

Today has been a very good day. First off things were clicking on all cylinders with the dice game. I decided to avoid doing a ds_list for the players and just have a single unit representing their attacking wave. I'm using a variable to hold the number of units that are attacking in that unit and completed the combat system with a couple new buttons. With the core of the game completed over the next three weeks I'll flesh out some of the looks to the game, create my own art assets and figure out if anything else needs to be done.

After that I tried to work on my Elevator Simulator in UE4. Last night in class we ran out of time to do everything that was planned, and my professor did a trigger volume for something that I felt I could use the OnClick button for. Simply put, in mine I had the call button for the elevator already able to be clicked which displayed  some text. I figured clicking on that could also set a variable, which I would then use in place of hitting e within …

Progress Report 10/8

Today has been spent on a couple different projects.

First my professor took a look at my Dice Game and essentially helped me change my roll button into a state machine system. I'm thinking of making my defense buildings small, simply because I can't fit that many of them on the screen without overlapping them a ton, which goes against the grain of having as many players as they want. I still have the code to create all the players into a ds_list but currently I have the attacking units represent the attacking players. I still have three weeks before this project is due so unless I am really swamped for the next three weeks I should be more than fine.

Second I started work on creating the prototype of a clicker game for 2D Game Scripting. If you've never played Cookie Clicker, don't. Its a highly addictive clicking game. I've warned you but here is the LINK if you are a glutton for addiction. Our game is supposed to be a clone of this game, there are many incarnati…

Progress Report 10/7

Today has been focused solely on the project for Advanced Game Design. With class being canceled we were tasked with submitting the documents prior to when class would start. Class would have started at 7pm and I submitted the work for the group at 6:59pm. Part of the reason is two of us did a great deal of the work, one more so than myself. However there are four of us in the group, so I wanted to try and make sure the other two members contributed in some way to this work. Sadly one didn't, but at least the other tried in the last three hours. He may not have done as much as the first group member but I am glad he did contribute.

This is a huge fault with group projects in my opinion. It is great when we can really reflect this when grading our group mate, even though it sucks to grade them poorly it is our only choice. However some groups will be given one grade, no matter how much or how little each member did. That in my opinion is just reprehensible.

I'm just glad this p…

Progress report 10/6

Today I've spent the day bouncing between projects. The first being  the 2D Tower Defense dice game. Most of the time has been trying to get the attackers units to function properly. They are getting created but the roll which is supposed to be a fixed single die has been instead happening instantly much to my chagrin. I actually haven't spent a huge amount of time on trying to resolve that issue. Instead I've focused my time on getting them to move as I want them to move, then to start combat properly.

The point I'm at though I've realized that my roll button might need different states or something like it. Hopefully tonight in class I'll get some good feedback from some classmates and my professor to get me on a better track or an efficient way to fix and improve what I have. Sadly though it's not like they can take a look at my code and ten seconds later know everything that is going on step by step. I tend to be able to help classmates pretty readily w…

Dice Game Progress

I've been working bit by bit on a dice game for my 2D scripting class. We work solely in Game Maker, in GML. Early in the course our class was broken down into a few groups and each group was given a package of dice and tasked with creating the framework for a dice game.

The group I was a part of decided after some discussion to go with a sort of tower defense game with one defender and many enemies. In fact here are the notes we came up with the framework for the game:

Castle Tower Defense (One [defender] against many [attackers])
Number of waves: easy (4), medium (7), hard (10)
X – 2 times the number of attackers - starting Buildings each getting a 2d6 roll
Buildings defense is the target roll with health at 100
Attacker rolls 1d6 to set number of units it attacks (y) with then rolls y dice to determine strength of
those units
Defense and strength determine number of dice to roll for that side.
If defense is > then defender takes no damage
If attacker is > then defender takes the…