Progress Report 10/12

Sadly most of today was spent on personal matters so I had minimal time to work on any of my projects. The time I did have was spent on adding to the prototype for the clicker game. I added an upgrade button, to upgrade the return per click, set up a display for the return per second, and the return per click.

Thinking ahead, hopefully everyone does their part on time or ahead of schedule so I don't have to wait until the last minute. With math and art I guess it'll be ok to be with minimal time, but if the designer lags behind it may throw a wrench into the plans. Then again if I have everything done properly I might just be able to simply copy and paste, modify slightly and I'll have the new "unit" the designer added. With math and art, it should just be add the asset or plug in numbers. I kind of feel like the glue that will hold the project together.

The only thing I have left to do for my part of the project for class tomorrow is to research a save system, which if I see an easy way to implement I may try to get it in the prototype.

Now tonight at school hopefully I learn some cool stuff and am able to improve upon my 3D Game Development project. Peace.


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