Progress report 10/6

Today I've spent the day bouncing between projects. The first being  the 2D Tower Defense dice game. Most of the time has been trying to get the attackers units to function properly. They are getting created but the roll which is supposed to be a fixed single die has been instead happening instantly much to my chagrin. I actually haven't spent a huge amount of time on trying to resolve that issue. Instead I've focused my time on getting them to move as I want them to move, then to start combat properly.

The point I'm at though I've realized that my roll button might need different states or something like it. Hopefully tonight in class I'll get some good feedback from some classmates and my professor to get me on a better track or an efficient way to fix and improve what I have. Sadly though it's not like they can take a look at my code and ten seconds later know everything that is going on step by step. I tend to be able to help classmates pretty readily with most issues, but every so often even the helper needs a hand.

Another thought is that I really should do a better job with the logic of my code before diving in. Plan things out better and maybe I wouldn't encounter these issues.

The second major focus of my time today has been a course project for my advanced game design course. Even though the first segment is due tomorrow I'm not worried in the least bit. I wrote up a solid paragraph for one of the sections in maybe five minutes. Tomorrow that will be my main focus and I know it'll be good thanks to the lack of i in team.

Lastly I spent a very short stint working on two separate concepts. One for a clicker game that we have to create for the same 2D Game scripting class. This will be done in groups but the idea I have, I feel is really cool so hopefully I can convince someone to accept my idea wholly. While trying to thinking about that concept the other day I actually came up with a concept for one that I would like to do on my own. The reason the first one is great for school is because its a licensed IP which is fine to use for learning purposes but out in the legal world, not the wisest of moves. I figure the clicker game won't take long to make, especially if I make it a strong close of Cookie Clicker.


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