Progress Report 10/7

Today has been focused solely on the project for Advanced Game Design. With class being canceled we were tasked with submitting the documents prior to when class would start. Class would have started at 7pm and I submitted the work for the group at 6:59pm. Part of the reason is two of us did a great deal of the work, one more so than myself. However there are four of us in the group, so I wanted to try and make sure the other two members contributed in some way to this work. Sadly one didn't, but at least the other tried in the last three hours. He may not have done as much as the first group member but I am glad he did contribute.

This is a huge fault with group projects in my opinion. It is great when we can really reflect this when grading our group mate, even though it sucks to grade them poorly it is our only choice. However some groups will be given one grade, no matter how much or how little each member did. That in my opinion is just reprehensible.

I'm just glad this part of it is done and over with, sadly there are two more months of pieces for this project with the end coming in at about 150 pages. Hopefully this was just a fluke and things get better. Only time will tell.


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