Progress Report 10/8

Today has been spent on a couple different projects.

First my professor took a look at my Dice Game and essentially helped me change my roll button into a state machine system. I'm thinking of making my defense buildings small, simply because I can't fit that many of them on the screen without overlapping them a ton, which goes against the grain of having as many players as they want. I still have the code to create all the players into a ds_list but currently I have the attacking units represent the attacking players. I still have three weeks before this project is due so unless I am really swamped for the next three weeks I should be more than fine.

Second I started work on creating the prototype of a clicker game for 2D Game Scripting. If you've never played Cookie Clicker, don't. Its a highly addictive clicking game. I've warned you but here is the LINK if you are a glutton for addiction. Our game is supposed to be a clone of this game, there are many incarnations like it, some of which are pretty complex. My group and I came up with an idea to do a Villian clicker. I created the base item, what I think we'll have start as a dollar sign or money or something like that. I created both the base class "unit" and the base class "purchase" system. I entered a rudimentary value system in as well so right now it technically is an extremely poor game.

Now back to my Elevator Simulator for Simulation and Serious Game Design in UE4.


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