Progress Report 10/9

Today has been a very good day. First off things were clicking on all cylinders with the dice game. I decided to avoid doing a ds_list for the players and just have a single unit representing their attacking wave. I'm using a variable to hold the number of units that are attacking in that unit and completed the combat system with a couple new buttons. With the core of the game completed over the next three weeks I'll flesh out some of the looks to the game, create my own art assets and figure out if anything else needs to be done.

After that I tried to work on my Elevator Simulator in UE4. Last night in class we ran out of time to do everything that was planned, and my professor did a trigger volume for something that I felt I could use the OnClick button for. Simply put, in mine I had the call button for the elevator already able to be clicked which displayed  some text. I figured clicking on that could also set a variable, which I would then use in place of hitting e within the trigger volume that was the demonstration model. Sadly though it doesn't seem to carry over on the level editor even though the variable is set public, let alone can I see the code route on blueprints to set the variable or even print the text when the button is hit. So I remembered the On Clicked for the Widget Blueprint Class and tried to use that rather than the On Clicked directly in the Widget, no change.

Deciding I need more experience with UE4 and to clear my thoughts I decided to step out of class work and work with some UE4 tutorials.


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