3D Game Development of Escape

The game I've been working on for my personal project is called Escape, a twin stick shooter.  The past week has been an interesting week in development. I was encountering a few errors which were eluding my problem solving abilities.

The first thing was that my projectile (laser) was actually shooting through the enemy pawns, except for the larger warship from one precise direction. Interestingly enough it took a combination of two solutions to resolve. First off the projectile spawn was happening too quickly. I had it able to be fired constantly but by doing so it was causing a stream of lasers which is what I wanted but it would go through the enemy vessels or basically die on creation. Now I have the firing rate set at .05 with a simple delay.

The other solution dealt with the recreating the AI Pawns. Something was wrong with them and nothing tried fixed it. However shortly after recreating the Scout and Warship pawns with  an extra collision box and setting 'Simulation Generates Hit Event to true' everything worked fine.

For AI to movement we were using either a Simple Move To Actor with or without a "distance to" used. However my AI was moving right up to the tail of my Actor and sticking to it, or it would bounce around for no reason that could be discerned.  I tried to use the "Get Player Character" and "Get Player Controller" but neither of those provided the value I needed for the distance formula. While looking for something else to try I saw the "Get Player Pawn" function and thought well lets try that. Viola. The movement started working correctly however the vessel would go to the player but then wait until it was far enough away again. I knew of the more complex AI Moveto order so I thought of trying that. Wow, did that order make it so easy. The radius is the distance to keep from the player and it helped remove so much unnecessary blueprints.


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