Setting up Assembla using TortoiseSVN for UE4

First off go to and download their appropriate software, 32 or 64 bit and install.

While this is installing you can create an Assembla free acount at You have three choices of repository to create SVN, Git or Perforce. Create an SVN repository with a Creative Name.

After installation TortoiseSVN will be integrated into windows explorer. Create an empty folder and call it what you like, for this example I'm going to call it SVN_Projects, this could be the future repository for all of your projects if you'd like.

Right click on SVN_Projects and go to TortoiseSVN -> create repository here. You can create the folder structure if you'd like, which can help create things more organized however I didn't for this small project.

After the creation of the repository is completed you can create a new folder inside of the repository or within the trunk folder or just simply go to next step but I create the folder first. Maybe you want to call it CreativeName.

Now right click on the empty CreativeName folder and go down to SVN Checkout. You're almost there with very little left to fill in.
For the URL of the repository will be something like:
Checkout directory is the CreativeNamewc but I just delete the wc to use the folder I created.
Click ok to sync up.

You may need to enter your username and password from assembla at this point, if not when you do the next step you will.

Right click CreativeName folder and go down to SVN update to download the files from the Cloud.

After this has completed you can open up the Unreal Project File to open UE4. Once UE4 has opened up will want to turn on Source Control.

Select SVN from the drop down list of Source Control options.
You need to put the URL of the repository in again:
Next is your username from Assembla.
Next put in Tags.
Last you may need to put in your password from Assembla again, but it might only be the first time where you need to.


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