SVN vs Git vs Perforce and Hosting Oh My!

I've heard of SVN before, had a Github account for a while but never really taken the time to learn more details about them. Now was that chance.

I spent much of the morning and afternoon working on a method for collaborating on our group project. Originally I had started work using TortoiseSVN but I didn't discover a server method within Tortoise so I turned to the program VisualSVN. Where Tortoise was integrated into Windows Explorer Shell with VisualSVN it was like a standard application. After a bit of confusion I was able to get the repository shared locally but after numerous attempts I was unable to access the repository from outside of my LAN. This was unacceptable as our group is dispersed over a decent area.

I looked through the UE4 documentation with source control in mind and it appears as though they recommended a suite of programs called Perforce. Everything looked straight forward, I found a cloud hosting service for free using them. Upon first glance I was prepared for this to be done quickly. I don't know if it was something within my version of windows but nothing I tried with their software worked properly, least of all getting it to connect with I spent quite a while researching methods to resolve this conundrum to no avail. Finally I decided to give up on Perforce but while in Assembla I saw that they have free SVN useage as well. The only limitation is space which says 1 GB, hopefully that isn't for both projects but instead for each.

After a little delay caused by a misunderstanding from import/export I was back on track. With TortoiseSVN I simply checkout the folder on my hard drive, linking it to the assembla url. Upload my files also known as commit. Within UE4 there is a simple menu for source control, connected and viola all is golden. All of that hard work finally paid off.


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