"The Dark Lands" update

For 3D Game Development my group and I are creating a tower defense game in Unreal Engine 4. For this week we divided the workload evenly with my tasks to work on the HUD, the Spawning and Wave system, and lastly the economy.

For wave control each wave has a boolean, to see which wave components will be activated also because I plan to have that boolean transfer over to the UI so the player can see which wave they are currently on. When the waves start to spawn can be done a few ways. One would be to just use timers and no matter where the player and ai are at, the waves will just continue to stream out until they're all out. Another route that I've opted to go is for a counter to be run. One added to it for every ai spawned and when the AI is killed it'll take one away from the counter. Logically this should mean that once there are no more AI then the next wave will get triggered.

At this point I don't have the AI blueprints so I've just created the framework for much of the spawning. First off are the wave and count trigger followed up by some for loops. The first wave will only have melee units, so only one for loop with Spawn AIFromClass and the counter following that up. Once the ForLoop is completed that wave boolean is set to false and the next wave is set to true. Waves 2 and 3 are identical to the first except ranged units are added and number of units spawned are increased. Waves 4 and 5 add Aerial units and again the number of units spawned is increased.


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