Update of Fire Simulator

For my Simulation and Serious Game Design Course my partner and I are making a Fire Simulator. Essentially it is a simulator to demonstrate what to do and what not to do in the event of a fire.

Over the past week I've worked on the layout of the floors creating a semblance of realism to the size. In UE4 1 unit is supposed to be 1 cm, so 10 would be a decimeter and 100 units would be a meter. Now for us non metric folks, 1 meter is equal to 3.2 feet. A standard ceiling is roughly 10 feet high which would be 3.125 meters. Translating that to UE4 units it would be 312.5 units. For rapid production I've decided to go with a flat 300 units for the height of each floor.

Also the wall, floor and ceiling thickness is something I took into consideration. The default is 10 units, so 10% of a meter or .32 feet. Double that, one for each side its .64 feet which sounds about right to me. Technically a 2"x4" is normal for drywall and stuff. .1 meter or 1 decimeter which is 3.9 inches.

Next I turned to the player blueprint, which with 4.10 came with a gun. I had to remove the gun and change the position of the arms. I was having trouble with the arms so I simply deleted them and replaced them with the original positioned version.

Next I added crouching to the blueprint. This was actually much simpler than I had expected it to be. First off I went to the project settings under settings and went to Input. Under the binding section I added an action map simply entitled Crouch, controlled with the keyboard key c. Next I went to my character blueprint and created an 'InputAction Crouch' node, which basically means if you hit the c key. Now I wanted to enable the player to go back and forth from crouch and standing so I couldn't simply link Pressed with a function. I knew there was a node that would enable alternating, after a moment of thinking I remembered it was something Gate. Gate and MultiGate were my two options, I quickly dismissed gate and knew Multigate was my node. Nicely enough UE4 has a crouch function already integrated, so all I had to do was pull in the two nodes. From the MultiGate node I linked Out 0 to Crouch and Out 1 to UnCrouch. That works great if you only want to be able to go back and forth once, so don't forget to click Loop to true in the MultiGate node. There was one other thing that is vital to having crouch work, and that is for 'CharacterMovement' under Components has a setting which must be turned on. If you do a search for crouch in its attributes you'll see different pieces which effect crouch in general but the key one under Movement Capabilities, 'Can Crouch'. If you don't set that to true the character will not be able to crouch.


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