Update on The Dark Lands

So the first thing I started working on was our monetary system. I thought it would be cool to instead of using money, use the bodies of our enemy for currency. This would then mean we build our towers out of their bodies, so maybe in the next week we can find or create a skeletal texture to use. Also our soldiers could be body-less ghosts and/or wraiths. Now the trick with any currency system is balancing. It can take a lot of play testing to find the right balance for your game.

To start with I went to our TopDownCharacter to create the corpses float, could be integer, variable that will be used. I went over to our parent enemy blueprint and simply added to the on death trigger we have. When one of the enemy dies the corpse value increases by one. On the HUD I had already set up a text box with a binding to an event. In that event I had to quite simply "Get All Actors of Class" being the TopDownCharacter where the original variable is. Pass the Out Actors into a Get function for an array. Then from there I take that to a get corpse value from the topdowncharacter. Linking that to the ReturnNode will create a ToText function. Now the corpse count will display on the hud and get incremented. The decrements are done when the building is purchased. Just as before with pulling the corpse value from topdowncharacter, we add that to our widget we have set up for spawning towers. Then adding into the chain for their perspective towers just doing a reduction to the corpse count by 10 and 15 for melee and ranged towers. Viola, the starting point for an economy system.

A few other things I did this week were getting enemy count, wave counter of total, and a timer on the HUD. I also changed the spawning system to spawn each of the three classes of enemies rather than just the parent enemy which was there as a placeholder.


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