Winter Break

Now that my projects for fall classes are behind me I can focus my time and energy on improving my capabilities with UE4 as well as work on a what I hope will be my first commercial quality project. Of course I don't expect to finish it with my one month off but I hope to have it in such a place that I will be able to enter it into a competition my professor talked about. What is the project you ask?

I'm drawing inspiration from a few different things however if you've ever played the game Shadowrun on the Genesis, and particularly liked the Matrix "mini-game", then you will love my project. For those that are unfamiliar you can see a matrix run in the following video.

In fact when Shadowrun Returns was created in 2012, one thing many of the backers wanted was a matrix much like they had back in the genesis version. Although the game was a great success the designers chose to go another route with Matrix combat. Personally I really liked the game however the matrix combat from the genesis version holds a special place in my heart.

Now my project is going to be my own Intellectual Property but there is nothing wrong with getting inspired by great works. I will be using UE4 for this project which means the ability to export to most platforms. I hope I am able to have nearly identical versions for PC's and phones/tablets however I don't know for certain at this juncture in time.

If I don't post again before the holidays I do want to wish everyone out there a happy holiday season and a great new year. See you for sure in 2016.


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