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"The Dark Lands" update

For 3D Game Development my group and I are creating a tower defense game in Unreal Engine 4. For this week we divided the workload evenly with my tasks to work on the HUD, the Spawning and Wave system, and lastly the economy.

For wave control each wave has a boolean, to see which wave components will be activated also because I plan to have that boolean transfer over to the UI so the player can see which wave they are currently on. When the waves start to spawn can be done a few ways. One would be to just use timers and no matter where the player and ai are at, the waves will just continue to stream out until they're all out. Another route that I've opted to go is for a counter to be run. One added to it for every ai spawned and when the AI is killed it'll take one away from the counter. Logically this should mean that once there are no more AI then the next wave will get triggered.

At this point I don't have the AI blueprints so I've just created the framework for…

Setting up Assembla using TortoiseSVN for UE4

First off go to and download their appropriate software, 32 or 64 bit and install.

While this is installing you can create an Assembla free acount at You have three choices of repository to create SVN, Git or Perforce. Create an SVN repository with a Creative Name.

After installation TortoiseSVN will be integrated into windows explorer. Create an empty folder and call it what you like, for this example I'm going to call it SVN_Projects, this could be the future repository for all of your projects if you'd like.

Right click on SVN_Projects and go to TortoiseSVN -> create repository here. You can create the folder structure if you'd like, which can help create things more organized however I didn't for this small project.

After the creation of the repository is completed you can create a new folder inside of the repository or within the trunk folder or just simply go to next step but I create the folder first. Maybe you want to call it Cr…

SVN vs Git vs Perforce and Hosting Oh My!

I've heard of SVN before, had a Github account for a while but never really taken the time to learn more details about them. Now was that chance.

I spent much of the morning and afternoon working on a method for collaborating on our group project. Originally I had started work using TortoiseSVN but I didn't discover a server method within Tortoise so I turned to the program VisualSVN. Where Tortoise was integrated into Windows Explorer Shell with VisualSVN it was like a standard application. After a bit of confusion I was able to get the repository shared locally but after numerous attempts I was unable to access the repository from outside of my LAN. This was unacceptable as our group is dispersed over a decent area.

I looked through the UE4 documentation with source control in mind and it appears as though they recommended a suite of programs called Perforce. Everything looked straight forward, I found a cloud hosting service for free using them. Upon first glance I was prep…

3D Game Development of Escape

The game I've been working on for my personal project is called Escape, a twin stick shooter.  The past week has been an interesting week in development. I was encountering a few errors which were eluding my problem solving abilities.

The first thing was that my projectile (laser) was actually shooting through the enemy pawns, except for the larger warship from one precise direction. Interestingly enough it took a combination of two solutions to resolve. First off the projectile spawn was happening too quickly. I had it able to be fired constantly but by doing so it was causing a stream of lasers which is what I wanted but it would go through the enemy vessels or basically die on creation. Now I have the firing rate set at .05 with a simple delay.

The other solution dealt with the recreating the AI Pawns. Something was wrong with them and nothing tried fixed it. However shortly after recreating the Scout and Warship pawns with  an extra collision box and setting 'Simulation Ge…