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Let's Protect Our Brains In Plants vs. Zombies

I finished recording Plants vs. Zombies quite a while ago. However I only yesterday managed to finish all of the video editing and get it uploaded. Over the time it took me to work on the video editing I learned a few things and changed a few other things. If you have a chance could you watch a few in the beginning, middle and end let me know what you think, or ya know watch the whole thing and enjoy!

Incredible Find While Contemplating Artwork Changes!

So I can't sleep and my mind has been running about changing something across the cyber-sphere concerning IG4G. Originally I was thinking of changing the logo, the banners I use and the thumbnails for my videos. I tested the waters with my logo and I did come up with a few interesting ideas although I think my logo is good as is:

With the first one I was thinking of going with something that made me think of brains. It came off more as of a Zombies Ate My Neighbors feel for some reason. The second and third used a cool effect, called lava. I personally think the third one could actually work although with those letters it looks like 1646 not IG4G.
Maybe eventually I'll go back and redo all of my thumbnails for every video I have up on YouTube, currently around 435 but for now I'm going to make the changes on the next game I start turning into episodic content: Valkyria Chronicles. I still haven't set my idea in concrete but I'm quite happy with the direction they&#…

Video for an Alternative Voting System

Yesterday I wrote an article about it. Today I recorded a video log about it. In essence they are the same thing, so you can get and share your information any way you want! Enjoy!

How Voting Should Be! Alternative voting!

Disclaimer: I try to keep politics out of Ingenius Games for Gamers materials because I don't want politics to cloud anything here. That being said this is not about any politician or party in particular this is about software/systems to IMPROVE our voting method.

It has been said by me and others for a very long time that we need a new voting method in the United States. Currently most third party candidates are viewed as throwaway votes, so many of us are forced to vote for the "lesser of two evils" for the greater part of my adult life.

The way voting should be is like this. For example, there are four major candidates in our current race for the Presidency. Yes technically there are more than four but let's deal with these four: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. Realistically only Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have a chance at winning everything. There may be a number of factors that play in to that however it is well known that BOTH …

Anyone have any advice?

Often times I look at other YouTube channels and see how they're growing or how they've grown in the past. I see how quickly they grew and grow and wonder what they're doing differently that has helped them be so successful so fast.

I know my setup isn't the best. For example my mic really needs an upgrade but I don't have the extra money to replace it so I have to make do with what I have. So I don't think this is the primary reason I'm not growing.

Maybe it's my content. When I created my VLog's about "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and "Fed Up" they didn't get many views. However once I shared them in a few places they spiked in views and currently are some of my best videos. My channel is about video games though so focusing on them I know that my Shadowrun LP's are not the best because my audio setup at the time really was sub par. However I've tweaked it a lot since then and new videos I record are just fine, all be…

Change is needed

The other day I took the time to record a video log showcasing the importance of us, as individuals, as a society, as a species to change. I can't fathom the consequences if we don't.

Improving the quality of your Mic!

Yesterday I recorded a Video Log in which I showcased how I have my audio setup, to turn my inexpensive mic into something that is actually usable all-be-it not perfect. Give the video a watch and see yourself, maybe it'll help you or maybe you'll see something I need to do differently to improve the quality of mine even further!

Hilarious Stunt Cinematic

The final for Advanced 3D Game Design was to create a cinematic using matinee in unreal engine 4, in groups. Originally we wanted to have a stunt team go awry and releasing a deadly virus from a secret military installation causing you to be the zombie apocalypse.

We set up the framework for that idea then we ran off with the stunt idea and started making it hilarious. Now please don't try this at home as you will die horribly, multiple times however without further ado laugh your heart out.

Credits to the team:
Garett Hoch @ Garett's Dev Blog
David Matias
Alec Edwards @ ostracized gamer
Lucas Kmiecik

Shadowrun Returns Noise Reduction Progress

I'm about a third of the week through removing as much of the white noise as possible from my Shadowrun Returns recordings. I did close to a fifth of it before discovering there was a more efficient way. Some of the earlier stuff has a bit of white noise but there is very little after that point.

Sadly my recording and streaming schedule is totally FUBAR'ed. My daughter is now no longer taking her afternoon nap, instead she doesn't take it until about the time my wife gets home at which point my wife would like some attention or I have to go off to my part time job.

It will take time to balance this all well but in the end it will be worth it. To see what I've worked on thus far take a look at the playlist! Enjoy!

As always if you like what I'm doing please subscribe/follow and support me by visiting the advertisers!

Noise reduction - removing hiss from video

If you've watched my previous videos you will have heard an annoying hiss in the background. This was due to me thinking I needed to use Microphone Boost for my mic. Sadly I have a lot of video already up on YouTube so what do I do?  Well if this happens to you, there is hope for your videos! Just expect it to be a bit of work.

First off if you don't have the originals anymore, just go ahead and download them from YouTube. You will download them as MP4's this way.

Second to extract the audio track from the MP4 files you will need two things. First you'll need the program Audacity @ Second Audacity can not natively import audio from MP4 files so you'll need to download FFmpeg export/import library @ Just watch for comparability between the version of audacity you download and the version of FFmpeg you use.

Now you can import the MP4 file in Audacity.  You can select the whole track at this point and go…

Part 9 Shadowrun Dragonfall Director's Cut on Hard

If you haven't watched any of my videos previously check out my page on YouTube @ or to watch Shadowrun Dragonfall from the beginning on the playlist @

We started today by turning in our operation with The Lodge and discovered they are deep in the shadows. Spoke with our local cyber clinic Doc and discovered his true reasons to be in the area.

From there our focus turned to the next operation, MKVI theft. The first video is our exploration of a floor with a lab, archival system, a pair of offices and security station. A little bit of everything so it would seem. We had to bash in some skulls in security and that is the end of this piece:

Following that we worked our magic with the lab, archives and offices, Milk filled part of the run to say the least, tasted good. All this was to get our way up to the floor with the MKVI prototype,

Here we discovered how horrific the prototype truly is and learned we could take it out for a ride, so to…

Part 8 Shadowrun Dragonfall Director's Cut

If you haven't watched any of my videos previously check out my page on YouTube @ or to watch Shadowrun Dragonfall from the beginning on the playlist @

Today's action was short and sweet. We finished our Trial Run, where we basically steamrolled Knight Errant Security. First we finished up on the Penthouse level.

Following the Penthouse level we had to fight our way back to the U-Bahn, neither of which proved to be very challenging even on hard. Maybe I should have chosen the hardest setting?

Part 7 Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director's Cut on Hard

If you haven't watched any of my videos previously check out my page on YouTube @ or to watch Shadowrun Dragonfall from the beginning on the playlist @

Today's action consisted of legwork post the Hard Times run. Meeting a new elusive Mr. Johnson and picking up the next couple operations.

Deciding to take up the new operation called Trial Run we set out to meet a full compliment of unknown team members. Running the shadows with unknowns is generally never a safe play. Things start off on the wrong foot right off the bat and only get more dicey.

We didn't finish the operation today, it'll have to wait until next time.

Part 6 Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut on Hard

If you haven't watched any of my videos previously check out my page on YouTube or to watch Shadowrun Dragonfall from the beginning on its playlist.

Today's game play consisted of helping those of our kiez. We picked up two missions, one to help our local weapon dealer with his shipments being stolen. Another was to help a sewer technician find out whats going on with the sewer system - that it stopped.

Going down into the sewers we discovered what the whole conundrum was about and quickly were able to resolve the issues down there.

Following that we took the U-Bahn train system to investigate what happened to the weapons shipments. I went in thinking I could try to complete this operation without any combat. Watch it to see how that went.

Food for thought - Ads

We commonly think of them as annoying, a nuisance, something we simply do not want to see at all. Ads. On some sites they are everywhere, others fool you into clicking them by thinking you should be clicking them to download what you want or whatever the case may be. Personally I hate those kinds of deceptive methods.

How often do you think about the reason web sites and videos have them though? The content is provided free of charge. Web sites cost money to host and such, those charges are often times covered by donations and/or the ads themselves.

When the ads are on websites like mine, only when the ad is clicked would I get anything. When the ads are on YouTube videos like mine, one must watch the whole ad or click on it to generate anything.

Thank you for reading this far and I hope you think about it the next time you see an ad on my or other individuals web sites or on a video.

Part 5 Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Directors Cut Hard

Today was the continuation of the elimination of the branch of Humanis Policlub. It was amazing how well they hid because it wasn't until I was at their bowels did they start to come out and swarm me. Like gnats though they caused little difficulty.  After a methodical fight our team emerged victoriously with only but a few gunshot wounds.

Post op legwork was filled with a great deal of backstory for each of the team members. Watch it from the beginning below or jump to the PLAYLIST to watch it from the beginning.

Video Editors and Editing vs Exporting from Twitch

When I completed Shadowrun Returns I had decided to start doing manual editing of my videos rather than transfer from Twitch, breaking them into 15 minute segments. Initially I had found a listing of only a few free video editing options. None of those had panned out with any effectiveness.

Then I came up on a listing on TECHRADAR of many more options, some of which surprised me. First, Blender which I thought was primarily competing against Maya in 3D animation could do video editing. After comparing Blender, Davinci Resolve and Hit Film 4 Express, I went with Hit Film 4. All of them are completely free and one of the others on the list may work better for you.

The pro's of going this route are that each of my videos are broken up exactly how I want them to be broken up and I'm able to merge different days together seamlessly, even removing stuff that was fine for live like introduction and catch up.

The only con's really are that it is very time consuming. With the previ…

Part 4 Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut

Knowing we need to raise 50,000 yen I recalled our neighborhood "soup kitchen" pitching a run. The job, simple. Take out a racist organization. The location, not so simple. Their compound. With that we set off on the run.
Nothing is smooth sailing in the world of the action from the beginning on the PLAYLIST or catch it from the start of today's action below:

Part 3 of Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut Hard

We learned a lot of information from Green Winters and have found our only viable lead. This was quite a lengthy post run of legwork. So much information to absorb, but now we have a goal. Reach 50,000 Nuyen to purchase the information we need on our lead. Simple right? Work our hearts out and we'll get there.

Watch the legwork below or start from the beginning on the PLAYLIST.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut Part 2

We picked up with a little side quest for our information broker. Repair some little listening devices he has around town. Quick, easy and throwing a little piece of a puzzle into the mix.

We learn that our best lead, Green Winters is holed up in a hotel on the other side of town. Recently the hotel has come under new management. The new management have shut the hotel down and are peddling their street drugs hard.

Having no method to peacefully let them into the hotel above, I had to resort to a little violence. Who ever said violence didn't solve problems? They're dead, I'm not. I have the key. Problem solved right? True for the most part, sadly though I do miss out on a little bit by having to go that route. In the long I should be fine though.

The hotel was mostly vacant. A few people left behind, a few rooms with goodies but most locked. Green Winters was there but just one'll have to watch to find out ;-)

Catch the videos on the playlist or start be…

Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut Part 1

I decided to change my methodology for my YouTube videos. Instead of taking my raw feed from Twitch and transferring straight away, into 15 minute segments I've decided to take the recording and do some editing. I'm going to break the videos down by "chapter", run, quest or whatever each game that I play may call it with in between pieces being their own sections.

My goal with this is that if someone just wants to watch one particular part of the lets play they should be able to find it relatively easily. The downside is that now I had to find some good video editing software and learn how to use it.

Part 1 consists of three videos. The first being the character creation which I skimmed over as I had covered pretty in depth in Shadowrun Returns and it is basically identical. The second is the first run on Harfeld Manor. Lastly is the post & pre run legwork, IE lots of information gathering.

The playlist is HERE or watch the 3 parts below:

Shadowrun Returns in review

I decided when I started to do these Lets Play videos that I would try to rate each game. Now it is going to be very tough to rate them all fairly on an even playing field but I am going to do my best to do just that.

Yesterday I finished the play through of Shadowrun Returns.  Now most game reviews are at least a page long if not more. I felt I would simply boil each game down to what I can compare, the enjoyment factor and story elements.

Shadowrun Returns was a very well written game. Was it done perfectly? No, but what matters most to me was almost always there. With that I feel it deserves 9 brains out of 10.

Shadowrun Returns finished @ part 9!!

We left off in the middle of our dive deeper into the insect hive. Each fight brought us closer and closer to Jessica Watts and the ritual that must be stopped. We walked into the final scene to discover Lynne is going to sacrifice herself to be the vessel for the queen bug spirit.

The difficulty of this fight really depends on two things, your difficulty setting and how quickly it takes you to realize what you must do to bring Jessica down. When the pillars are down, Jessica is vulnerable. That one phrase is the key to success. Of course you have to survive the oncoming bugs and Jessica's spells.

Upon ceasing the ceremony you are presented with a choice, how to deal with Jessica. Do you let the remaining bugs devour her, kill her before the bugs or do you take her into custody and let her live the rest of her years knowing what she did. To me the third sounds the harshest, since she did snap out of her little trance under the insect spirit.

In the end we have conversations with H…

Lets Play Shadowrun Returns Part 8

Today we resumed in our little operation against Telestrian Industries, where Dodger was getting picked apart. Dodger was able to recover and managed to complete his part of the operation successfully. However we encountered a problem with completing the operation as a whole.

In fact Trax had to stay behind overnight, to pose as a new Janitor to gain access to where the sample was being stored. Amazing how a lowly janitor was able to infiltrate the company to the extent that he was able to steal a highly guarded item from a secret safe within the VP of Security's office. I digress, after safely leaving the building Trax is welcome by a slow of Lone Star cops.

McKlusky is at the head of them, and escorts me to none other than the mansion of James Telestrian III. James was not happy about our team tearing up his company, nor causing him to lose so many employees. However it turns out the individual we saved back when we ran out of the Universal Brotherhood is his daughter.

It furthe…

Lets Play Shadowrun Returns Part 7

We left off with just arriving to Telestrian Industries executive offices. Meat world security posed no threat to us at all, a cake walk to say the least. However Dodger was the one who was getting slapped around. Twice he suffered dumpshock from getting thrashed however just before the second time he triggered an alert status for the Telestrian Industries matrix, thus they are responding with more than just the basic defense. A pair of Telestrian deckers with Black IC and a trio of white IC were what caused the second dump.

I had to pull the feed just after Dodger had returned to the Matrix to turn the tables on the Deckers and Black IC. If I have a chance I will continue Part 7 later however I may not be able to continue later today, thus it'll be Part 8 tomorrow.

Check out the PLAYLIST to see Shadowrun Returns from the beginning. If you want to see the action from today take a look below:

Feedback on blatant mistakes

So I know I'm far from perfect, especially in my LP's. When I do the voices I think I'm doing ok. Most of the time I don't miss obvious things. Overall I think I have a good start.

Well the other day I started watching a YouTuber playing a game I'll eventually get to called Battlefleet Gothic Armada. Its a space RTS based in the Warhammer 40k universe. I had to stop watching him now because there is one section it literally says you have 100% chance to lose your ship if you go to "warp". He read this aloud, so I know he saw it. Yet for about 3 missions he would send his ships to warp then complain after the mission was over that his ship died. He even was like is this a bug or something.

This YouTuber is doing well for himself and I wonder if I'm the only one who feels this way after seeing his video. Like he missed something obvious and are turned off. What are your thoughts on this?

Lets Play Shadowrun Returns Part 6

Last time we finished up with safely evacuating the Universal Brotherhood. Upon returning to the Union we met a Johnson who offered us a job, to go into a Renraku research facility and procure a particular researcher for them.

Pay looked good and he said it was to be a milk run. It never is a milk run in the end, they had basilisks. Surprisingly enough though we walked through them pretty readily. The researcher didn't want to go, he wanted to be free. I sympathized with him but in the end I believed he'll get caught one way or another. I might as well be the one to be paid for it.

Returning to the Union Johnny Clean wanted to speak. Turns out the Baron Samedi had been looking hard for me. I didn't want to make him wait any longer so speaking with him I find out that Telestrian Industries has a bug killer, AEGIS.

Simple run, go in and grab whats left of it. HA. Simple. In actuality though it wasn't so bad, except for the part where I nearly died a few times. They reall…

Lets Play Shadowrun Returns Part 5

We picked up after having disposed of the Ripper, Silas. Next we set our sights on whomever was pulling his strings. It turns out it was Sam's own twin sister Jessica. She was not pleased about our interference in her plans and decided we should be eliminated. Sadly for her, we instead eliminated her task force as well as the little surprise the cemetery had in store for us.

From here we went to investigate the Universal Brotherhood, an organization that on the outside sounds very nice. As many things that sound too good to be true are false, this was a step beyond that. It turns out Jessica is in the process of unleashing a Bug Apocalypse by transforming one meta human at a time.

Mundane weapons did little to kill the bugs as they simply revived. Our team managed to walk out relatively unscathed though and now that we know they are there, they sure as sin can expect us to return.

If you haven't watched it from the beginning I recommend going to the PLAYLIST. If you want to co…

New banners and thumbnails

Yesterday morning I decided to work on my banners and thumbnails. On my last iteration I was able to get each of the banners across all of my sites to be very consistent. However I felt they lacked something and I knew I would return to further improve them.

Although I haven't had time since this morning to work on them when I did, I had found a few nice backgrounds to work with.

I was using the font Xanax which I thought was really cool however it is a little difficult to read and I knew I needed to fix that. Much time was spent looking for a new font but sadly I ran out of time to work on them.

After much consideration I decided on a new font and spent a bit of time fixing all of my banners and thumbnails. Now without further ado they are live on all of my sites.

Twitter @
Twitch @
Facebook @
Youtube @

Lets Play Shadowrun Returns Part 4

We picked up in the warehouse where we were investigating the latest victim of the Ripper. There we found blood which was in turn used to track down the "owner" of that DNA with the help of Johnny Clean in the Matrix.

Here we discovered that the Ripper is one Dr. Henry Holmes, formerly known as Silas. Confronting Silas was no easy task, as the only way to reach him was to go through his personal asylum of violence.

The final fight with Silas and his personal guards was no easy task as he had a troll with one hell of a mean streak and quite a powerful punch. Sadly I was the focused target for a pair of attempts. However he finally broke and we discovered that Silas was being played just as we were.

Sam Watts and every other ripper victim had received organs from Sam's mother. Catch today's play through on the PLAYLIST or start watching right below:

Lets Play Shadowrun Returns Day 3

When we left off with Shadowrun Returns, we had just rescued Coyote from Stevie J. We then get to explore the downstairs of the Mistresses Union, our new Runner Haven. Coyote gets patched up with a new arm. Meet some "shop" owners where we can buy pretty much any equipment we'll need.

We then went and explored a bit of the latest Ripper victims crime scene. McKlusky booted us out when he arrived though, This prompted the need for us to break in later to be able to confer with the spirits with our newest ally, Shannon.

While waiting I went off and helped Coyote rescue her cousin from a BTL Lab. I botched my run here a little bit, but after getting my footing I walked all over the stage. Next I organized a crew and returned to the scene of the victim. After what was a pretty easy fight I had to cease my session.

To watch from the spot I started with today watch the video below, if however you haven't watched any of the play through yet then take a look at the PLAYLIST.…

Lets Play Shadowrun Returns Day 2

Continued my Lets Play video of Shadowrun Returns today. Yesterday was filled with the character creation, meeting Jake Armitage and discovering what happened with Sam Watts.

Today started at the Seamstresses Union and finding I only had one lead, Coyote, whom happened to be missing. Tracking her down meant meeting her boyfriend Paco and visiting a "BTL house". Saved Coyote after a little slip up, which was a little embarrassing to say the least.

After completing the mission I ran out of time and had to cease my video for the day. To continue watching start with part 7 on the PLAYLIST or just start with the video below:

First Lets Play has begun!

I started the Lets Play of Shadowrun Returns today. My new rig performed perfectly, and audio seemed great. For now I will only be able to stream a few days per week while my daughter is having her nap. However I hope that in the very near future that changes and I can go live more frequently and for longer periods.

The first video can be watched here for your enjoyment or I put a link below it to the playlist.

Lets Play Shadowrun Returns

New Rig Completed

So yesterday I spent about an hour and a half putting together my new rig. The video of it is here:  A few things I'd like to touch on:

I love that many cases now have the power supply on the bottom, just feels safer.Modular Power Supplies may be worth it if you show off the internals of your rig or worry about air flow.If you get a power supply with your case make sure it meets your requirements, like powering a graphics card.AMD vs Intel, although you can get more power with Intel and NVidia, the extra cost isn't necessarily worth it. Add to that, that the other week Intel laid off roughly 10% of its work force even though they had profits in the billions. So I went with AMD CPU and Radeon graphics.If you don't game at all or only game a little you might consider an integrated graphics on the CPU with AMD known as APU.You can get away without a DVD/CD drive. Using a flash drive you can install Windows 10 quite easily or at least it was smooth for me.

Holy Crap Game List

So working on the game list here and there I have managed to complete it. Of course it is a living list that will grow over time but for now its basically complete. There are a couple games like C&C and Wizardry which I have in one row rather than the ~13 & 10 rows that they each would take up. I didn't feel like breaking them down at this time. The list stands at 241 items right now with another 21 from C&C & Wizardry games not listed so currently 262 games on my to play list. Some games have expansions that I simply didn't put in with a + but I do plan to play through.

If you have suggestions to add to my list please share it with me here, twitter, facebook or you can even email me. Keep in mind I don't plan on showing off MMO's for the time being, that will probably change at a future date though.

Also I wanted to incorporate the table directly into a blogger page however when I try to bring it over from google docs through various methods, the data …

New PC Build

So with my current PC just unable to do what I need it to do I decided to bite the bullet and order everything for a new PC. I hope you like it, well more importantly me too:

CPU: AMD FX 8300 8Core @Amazon
GPU: ASUS Radeon R7 370 4GB @Newegg
Mobo: Biostar TA970 @Newegg
RAM: HyperX Fury 16GB DDR31866 @Newegg
HD: Seagate 2TB SSHD @Amazon
Case: Raidmax Vortex @Newegg

I feel that the power/performance vs price is really good. Everything should arrive next week and then my system will handle anything I need done. I mean I'm not going to be running VR at max settings or anything so I should be good.

Now I went with AMD over Intel because flat out I really am not happy with what Intel did the other week. They have huge profits yet lay off about 11% of their workforce. For that reason alone I felt I would support AMD as I have done for a long time. The FX 8300 was only about 20 dollars more than the 6000 series models, extra cores for a minimal increase in price was worth it.

For the GPU,…

OBS Twitch suggestions needed

So while trying to stream Shadowrun Returns yesterday I discovered how inadequate my computer really is. I thought if I ran with low enough settings I could manage to produce a watchable product however that wasn't the case. My PC stats are as follows:

CPU: Pentium Dual Core G630 @2.70GHz
Graphics: NVidia GTS 250
Motherboard: PC Chips A15G

Here are some of my OBS Settings as shown from the log:

09:13:14.046: video settings reset:
09:13:14.046:  base resolution:   1920x1080
09:13:14.046:  output resolution: 768x432
09:13:14.046:  fps:               25/1
09:13:14.046:  format:            NV12
09:13:14.052: Settings changed (outputs, video)

09:15:31.033: [x264 encoder: 'streaming_h264'] preset: veryfast
09:15:31.033: [x264 encoder: 'streaming_h264'] profile: main
09:15:31.033: [x264 encoder: 'streaming_h264'] settings:
09:15:31.033:  bitrate:     1500
09:15:31.033:  buffer size: 1500
09:15:31.033:  crf:         0 (0 when CBR is enabled)

First broadcast, tomorrow

So tomorrow I will conduct my first broadcast on Twitch. I didn't think I would be nervous about it but as with all new things, it turns out I am. Maybe its because I don't want to screw up, or because I don't know how I'll sound after the fact. In the beginning I'm going to have to balance when I can broadcast with when my daughter takes naps. Which will limit me to about two hours per day. I know most professional broadcasters are on for four to six hours per day and I hope to reach that in the relatively near future. If you are a broadcaster and have any tips, I'm all ears. If you want to tune in I'll be starting my stream around 1 to 2 playing Shadowrun Returns and going until about 3 or 4, of course depending upon my daughters nap time which of course is not set in stone.

Game List Update 1

So after quite a while of filling out the game list I have nearly 200 games on the list. Most of them RPG's and Strategy games. I haven't filled in all of the data with each game but I will get to that starting next week. If you are curious what is on the list you can see it here: If you see games that fit right into my style please suggest them in the comments section below. Sadly some of the games I may not get to work because they were designed for DOS and DOSBox isn't 100% however I will try my best. If I have to create virtual machines I may do that, I think that is how I managed to get Missionforce Cyberstorm to work the last time I wanted to take a look at it. I think that was when I was running Windows 7 though, so we will see what happens.

Game List

So I'm currently working on a spreadsheet of every game I plan to eventually play through. Many of the games on the list I have played previously but want to share with the gaming community. I just wonder how long this list is going to end up being. I'm already looking at well over 100 games and I know I've missed numerous games. I look forward to any game suggestions that follow once I share the list.

Keep in mind the games on this list will primarily be RPG's or Strategy/Tactical games. Some will branch into other genre's but I don't plan on playing through FPS's any time soon.

First Stream

So the other week I did my first stream which would have been great but there were a few setbacks I discovered along the way. First off my mic is broken for all intents and purposes. I could hear myself through my speakers when I tested things out but  the stream alas had no sound. I've ordered a new one but it won't be here for a bit longer. Secondly I guess OBS doesn't like .mp4 output on my machine as the game audio didn't come through either. Testing with .flv format the game audio came through. I won't be a happy camper if after this long waiting period for my new microphone that I discover it is something else and my original, albeit a little dated now, microphone would have worked.

The stream was of Shadowrun Returns, and focused mostly on the backstory of Shadowrun and the character creation. However I will be redoing this video, plus a full playthrough of Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun Dragonfall then Shadowrun Hong Kong. Afterwards I plan on doing Valkyria …

Epic's February Game Jam

On Thursday Epic announced their latest Game Jam, "One Hit Wonder". I didn't find out until Friday evening so I knew I'd just have what was left of Friday night and a portion of Saturday to work on it. With the theme I was thinking maybe something sports related, like hitting a baseball or something but I kept falling back to what "One Hit Wonders" really are, Bands that have a single top 40 hit but nothing of theirs gets that high again. I was unsure of how best to incorporate that theme. With my limited time I decided against making  quiz game where you heard a clip from the particular song and had to choose the song title or the artist/band. I did however decide to create a quiz game. I at first was thinking of doing a matching, 5 songs and 5 artists/bands and having to drag them around. Doing so I learned how to move UMG assets which was cool. Next I worked on what I ultimately went with a straight forward question and answer quiz game. This was ultimat…

January Game Jam

On Thursday Epic announced the theme to their January Game Jam. "Don't Push That Button". Two of my classmates from school and I were working together so with that theme and a little brainstorming we decided to do an Endless Runner where you run across countries, encountering peaceful and war leading acts. If you accumulate enough war leading acts you push the big red button and a World War begins. I wish I could have put more time in, and one of our group members had a real life bomb explode on him very shortly after the brainstorming session so I think our game was not as great as it could have been but I still think its a really great start. You can watch AwesomeAllar's playthrough of it here: Twitch video.

I will be making my own playthrough pointing out things that given more time we would have done and tweaked but I hope you enjoyed it!