January Game Jam

On Thursday Epic announced the theme to their January Game Jam. "Don't Push That Button". Two of my classmates from school and I were working together so with that theme and a little brainstorming we decided to do an Endless Runner where you run across countries, encountering peaceful and war leading acts. If you accumulate enough war leading acts you push the big red button and a World War begins. I wish I could have put more time in, and one of our group members had a real life bomb explode on him very shortly after the brainstorming session so I think our game was not as great as it could have been but I still think its a really great start. You can watch AwesomeAllar's playthrough of it here: Twitch video.

I will be making my own playthrough pointing out things that given more time we would have done and tweaked but I hope you enjoyed it!


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