Epic's February Game Jam

On Thursday Epic announced their latest Game Jam, "One Hit Wonder". I didn't find out until Friday evening so I knew I'd just have what was left of Friday night and a portion of Saturday to work on it. With the theme I was thinking maybe something sports related, like hitting a baseball or something but I kept falling back to what "One Hit Wonders" really are, Bands that have a single top 40 hit but nothing of theirs gets that high again. I was unsure of how best to incorporate that theme. With my limited time I decided against making  quiz game where you heard a clip from the particular song and had to choose the song title or the artist/band. I did however decide to create a quiz game. I at first was thinking of doing a matching, 5 songs and 5 artists/bands and having to drag them around. Doing so I learned how to move UMG assets which was cool. Next I worked on what I ultimately went with a straight forward question and answer quiz game. This was ultimately very cool because I learned how to import CSV files into UE4. This is a must for any data driven game and will help me with my long term project I'm working on.  AwesomeAllar played through my game on his twitch feed here: Twitch Video by AwesomeAllar!


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