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Holy Crap Game List

So working on the game list here and there I have managed to complete it. Of course it is a living list that will grow over time but for now its basically complete. There are a couple games like C&C and Wizardry which I have in one row rather than the ~13 & 10 rows that they each would take up. I didn't feel like breaking them down at this time. The list stands at 241 items right now with another 21 from C&C & Wizardry games not listed so currently 262 games on my to play list. Some games have expansions that I simply didn't put in with a + but I do plan to play through.

If you have suggestions to add to my list please share it with me here, twitter, facebook or you can even email me. Keep in mind I don't plan on showing off MMO's for the time being, that will probably change at a future date though.

Also I wanted to incorporate the table directly into a blogger page however when I try to bring it over from google docs through various methods, the data …

New PC Build

So with my current PC just unable to do what I need it to do I decided to bite the bullet and order everything for a new PC. I hope you like it, well more importantly me too:

CPU: AMD FX 8300 8Core @Amazon
GPU: ASUS Radeon R7 370 4GB @Newegg
Mobo: Biostar TA970 @Newegg
RAM: HyperX Fury 16GB DDR31866 @Newegg
HD: Seagate 2TB SSHD @Amazon
Case: Raidmax Vortex @Newegg

I feel that the power/performance vs price is really good. Everything should arrive next week and then my system will handle anything I need done. I mean I'm not going to be running VR at max settings or anything so I should be good.

Now I went with AMD over Intel because flat out I really am not happy with what Intel did the other week. They have huge profits yet lay off about 11% of their workforce. For that reason alone I felt I would support AMD as I have done for a long time. The FX 8300 was only about 20 dollars more than the 6000 series models, extra cores for a minimal increase in price was worth it.

For the GPU,…

OBS Twitch suggestions needed

So while trying to stream Shadowrun Returns yesterday I discovered how inadequate my computer really is. I thought if I ran with low enough settings I could manage to produce a watchable product however that wasn't the case. My PC stats are as follows:

CPU: Pentium Dual Core G630 @2.70GHz
Graphics: NVidia GTS 250
Motherboard: PC Chips A15G

Here are some of my OBS Settings as shown from the log:

09:13:14.046: video settings reset:
09:13:14.046:  base resolution:   1920x1080
09:13:14.046:  output resolution: 768x432
09:13:14.046:  fps:               25/1
09:13:14.046:  format:            NV12
09:13:14.052: Settings changed (outputs, video)

09:15:31.033: [x264 encoder: 'streaming_h264'] preset: veryfast
09:15:31.033: [x264 encoder: 'streaming_h264'] profile: main
09:15:31.033: [x264 encoder: 'streaming_h264'] settings:
09:15:31.033:  bitrate:     1500
09:15:31.033:  buffer size: 1500
09:15:31.033:  crf:         0 (0 when CBR is enabled)

First broadcast, tomorrow

So tomorrow I will conduct my first broadcast on Twitch. I didn't think I would be nervous about it but as with all new things, it turns out I am. Maybe its because I don't want to screw up, or because I don't know how I'll sound after the fact. In the beginning I'm going to have to balance when I can broadcast with when my daughter takes naps. Which will limit me to about two hours per day. I know most professional broadcasters are on for four to six hours per day and I hope to reach that in the relatively near future. If you are a broadcaster and have any tips, I'm all ears. If you want to tune in I'll be starting my stream around 1 to 2 playing Shadowrun Returns and going until about 3 or 4, of course depending upon my daughters nap time which of course is not set in stone.

Game List Update 1

So after quite a while of filling out the game list I have nearly 200 games on the list. Most of them RPG's and Strategy games. I haven't filled in all of the data with each game but I will get to that starting next week. If you are curious what is on the list you can see it here: If you see games that fit right into my style please suggest them in the comments section below. Sadly some of the games I may not get to work because they were designed for DOS and DOSBox isn't 100% however I will try my best. If I have to create virtual machines I may do that, I think that is how I managed to get Missionforce Cyberstorm to work the last time I wanted to take a look at it. I think that was when I was running Windows 7 though, so we will see what happens.

Game List

So I'm currently working on a spreadsheet of every game I plan to eventually play through. Many of the games on the list I have played previously but want to share with the gaming community. I just wonder how long this list is going to end up being. I'm already looking at well over 100 games and I know I've missed numerous games. I look forward to any game suggestions that follow once I share the list.

Keep in mind the games on this list will primarily be RPG's or Strategy/Tactical games. Some will branch into other genre's but I don't plan on playing through FPS's any time soon.

First Stream

So the other week I did my first stream which would have been great but there were a few setbacks I discovered along the way. First off my mic is broken for all intents and purposes. I could hear myself through my speakers when I tested things out but  the stream alas had no sound. I've ordered a new one but it won't be here for a bit longer. Secondly I guess OBS doesn't like .mp4 output on my machine as the game audio didn't come through either. Testing with .flv format the game audio came through. I won't be a happy camper if after this long waiting period for my new microphone that I discover it is something else and my original, albeit a little dated now, microphone would have worked.

The stream was of Shadowrun Returns, and focused mostly on the backstory of Shadowrun and the character creation. However I will be redoing this video, plus a full playthrough of Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun Dragonfall then Shadowrun Hong Kong. Afterwards I plan on doing Valkyria …