Holy Crap Game List

So working on the game list here and there I have managed to complete it. Of course it is a living list that will grow over time but for now its basically complete. There are a couple games like C&C and Wizardry which I have in one row rather than the ~13 & 10 rows that they each would take up. I didn't feel like breaking them down at this time. The list stands at 241 items right now with another 21 from C&C & Wizardry games not listed so currently 262 games on my to play list. Some games have expansions that I simply didn't put in with a + but I do plan to play through.

If you have suggestions to add to my list please share it with me here, twitter, facebook or you can even email me. Keep in mind I don't plan on showing off MMO's for the time being, that will probably change at a future date though.

Also I wanted to incorporate the table directly into a blogger page however when I try to bring it over from google docs through various methods, the data just doesn't come out right. If you have managed to get a Google Sheets to be incorporated onto a blogger page could you point me to the method you used? Thank you.

Without further adieu, The Game List.


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