Lets Play Shadowrun Returns Day 3

When we left off with Shadowrun Returns, we had just rescued Coyote from Stevie J. We then get to explore the downstairs of the Mistresses Union, our new Runner Haven. Coyote gets patched up with a new arm. Meet some "shop" owners where we can buy pretty much any equipment we'll need.

We then went and explored a bit of the latest Ripper victims crime scene. McKlusky booted us out when he arrived though, This prompted the need for us to break in later to be able to confer with the spirits with our newest ally, Shannon.

While waiting I went off and helped Coyote rescue her cousin from a BTL Lab. I botched my run here a little bit, but after getting my footing I walked all over the stage. Next I organized a crew and returned to the scene of the victim. After what was a pretty easy fight I had to cease my session.

To watch from the spot I started with today watch the video below, if however you haven't watched any of the play through yet then take a look at the PLAYLIST. As always if you like what I show then please subscribe to my YouTube page.



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