Lets Play Shadowrun Returns Part 4

We picked up in the warehouse where we were investigating the latest victim of the Ripper. There we found blood which was in turn used to track down the "owner" of that DNA with the help of Johnny Clean in the Matrix.

Here we discovered that the Ripper is one Dr. Henry Holmes, formerly known as Silas. Confronting Silas was no easy task, as the only way to reach him was to go through his personal asylum of violence.

The final fight with Silas and his personal guards was no easy task as he had a troll with one hell of a mean streak and quite a powerful punch. Sadly I was the focused target for a pair of attempts. However he finally broke and we discovered that Silas was being played just as we were.

Sam Watts and every other ripper victim had received organs from Sam's mother. Catch today's play through on the PLAYLIST or start watching right below:


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