Lets Play Shadowrun Returns Part 5

We picked up after having disposed of the Ripper, Silas. Next we set our sights on whomever was pulling his strings. It turns out it was Sam's own twin sister Jessica. She was not pleased about our interference in her plans and decided we should be eliminated. Sadly for her, we instead eliminated her task force as well as the little surprise the cemetery had in store for us.

From here we went to investigate the Universal Brotherhood, an organization that on the outside sounds very nice. As many things that sound too good to be true are false, this was a step beyond that. It turns out Jessica is in the process of unleashing a Bug Apocalypse by transforming one meta human at a time.

Mundane weapons did little to kill the bugs as they simply revived. Our team managed to walk out relatively unscathed though and now that we know they are there, they sure as sin can expect us to return.

If you haven't watched it from the beginning I recommend going to the PLAYLIST. If you want to continue from today's first video it is below. As always if you like where I'm going with things subscribe to my page. Thank you and enjoy!


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