Lets Play Shadowrun Returns Part 6

Last time we finished up with safely evacuating the Universal Brotherhood. Upon returning to the Union we met a Johnson who offered us a job, to go into a Renraku research facility and procure a particular researcher for them.

Pay looked good and he said it was to be a milk run. It never is a milk run in the end, they had basilisks. Surprisingly enough though we walked through them pretty readily. The researcher didn't want to go, he wanted to be free. I sympathized with him but in the end I believed he'll get caught one way or another. I might as well be the one to be paid for it.

Returning to the Union Johnny Clean wanted to speak. Turns out the Baron Samedi had been looking hard for me. I didn't want to make him wait any longer so speaking with him I find out that Telestrian Industries has a bug killer, AEGIS.

Simple run, go in and grab whats left of it. HA. Simple. In actuality though it wasn't so bad, except for the part where I nearly died a few times. They really don't like Trax. Who can blame 'em, he's running around with a pair of swords that could slice you six ways from Sunday and they wouldn't dull one bit.

I ceased the feed when I made it up to the CEO's floor. Part 7 will continue with that bundle of joy, where it gets really interesting. To watch all of the action from the beginning check out the PLAYLIST. To resume from the beginning of today's action simply start with the video below:


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