Lets Play Shadowrun Returns Part 7

We left off with just arriving to Telestrian Industries executive offices. Meat world security posed no threat to us at all, a cake walk to say the least. However Dodger was the one who was getting slapped around. Twice he suffered dumpshock from getting thrashed however just before the second time he triggered an alert status for the Telestrian Industries matrix, thus they are responding with more than just the basic defense. A pair of Telestrian deckers with Black IC and a trio of white IC were what caused the second dump.

I had to pull the feed just after Dodger had returned to the Matrix to turn the tables on the Deckers and Black IC. If I have a chance I will continue Part 7 later however I may not be able to continue later today, thus it'll be Part 8 tomorrow.

Check out the PLAYLIST to see Shadowrun Returns from the beginning. If you want to see the action from today take a look below:


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