Lets Play Shadowrun Returns Part 8

Today we resumed in our little operation against Telestrian Industries, where Dodger was getting picked apart. Dodger was able to recover and managed to complete his part of the operation successfully. However we encountered a problem with completing the operation as a whole.

In fact Trax had to stay behind overnight, to pose as a new Janitor to gain access to where the sample was being stored. Amazing how a lowly janitor was able to infiltrate the company to the extent that he was able to steal a highly guarded item from a secret safe within the VP of Security's office. I digress, after safely leaving the building Trax is welcome by a slow of Lone Star cops.

McKlusky is at the head of them, and escorts me to none other than the mansion of James Telestrian III. James was not happy about our team tearing up his company, nor causing him to lose so many employees. However it turns out the individual we saved back when we ran out of the Universal Brotherhood is his daughter.

It further turns out that Telestrian was working with a great dragon, Lowfyr in preparing for a possible insect incursion. In ages past, Lowfyr lived through a previous insect incursion and wanted to be prepared for it again. The insects came earlier than he had planned, by 7 centuries.

A committee that was organized for this matter deemed me a viable candidate to go in to eliminate the insect incursion, and their shaman. We made quick work of the first few sections before I had to cease the action for today. Perhaps tomorrow will be the final!

Watch the action from the first video below or catch the it all from the beginning through the PLAYLIST.


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