New Rig Completed

So yesterday I spent about an hour and a half putting together my new rig. The video of it is here: 
A few things I'd like to touch on:

  • I love that many cases now have the power supply on the bottom, just feels safer.
  • Modular Power Supplies may be worth it if you show off the internals of your rig or worry about air flow.
  • If you get a power supply with your case make sure it meets your requirements, like powering a graphics card.
  • AMD vs Intel, although you can get more power with Intel and NVidia, the extra cost isn't necessarily worth it. Add to that, that the other week Intel laid off roughly 10% of its work force even though they had profits in the billions. So I went with AMD CPU and Radeon graphics.
  • If you don't game at all or only game a little you might consider an integrated graphics on the CPU with AMD known as APU.
  • You can get away without a DVD/CD drive. Using a flash drive you can install Windows 10 quite easily or at least it was smooth for me.


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