Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut Part 2

We picked up with a little side quest for our information broker. Repair some little listening devices he has around town. Quick, easy and throwing a little piece of a puzzle into the mix.

We learn that our best lead, Green Winters is holed up in a hotel on the other side of town. Recently the hotel has come under new management. The new management have shut the hotel down and are peddling their street drugs hard.

Having no method to peacefully let them into the hotel above, I had to resort to a little violence. Who ever said violence didn't solve problems? They're dead, I'm not. I have the key. Problem solved right? True for the most part, sadly though I do miss out on a little bit by having to go that route. In the long I should be fine though.

The hotel was mostly vacant. A few people left behind, a few rooms with goodies but most locked. Green Winters was there but just one'll have to watch to find out ;-)

Catch the videos on the playlist or start below with the leg work:


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