Shadowrun Returns finished @ part 9!!

We left off in the middle of our dive deeper into the insect hive. Each fight brought us closer and closer to Jessica Watts and the ritual that must be stopped. We walked into the final scene to discover Lynne is going to sacrifice herself to be the vessel for the queen bug spirit.

The difficulty of this fight really depends on two things, your difficulty setting and how quickly it takes you to realize what you must do to bring Jessica down. When the pillars are down, Jessica is vulnerable. That one phrase is the key to success. Of course you have to survive the oncoming bugs and Jessica's spells.

Upon ceasing the ceremony you are presented with a choice, how to deal with Jessica. Do you let the remaining bugs devour her, kill her before the bugs or do you take her into custody and let her live the rest of her years knowing what she did. To me the third sounds the harshest, since she did snap out of her little trance under the insect spirit.

In the end we have conversations with Harlequin, James Telestrian III, Coyote, Detective McKlusky, Jake Armitage and Dresden. Great conversations to be had, but in the end we make the call to Sam's lawyer to find out...Sam tricked us. No money, no lawyer just a dead man who needed someone. The only someone he knew he could trust was us. Sadly we didn't get his money but it was not in vain as James hooked us up with the yen to make it worth it. After all we did kind of save the world - but that in itself should be payment enough.

Enjoy the play through from the beginning with the PLAYLIST or catch it from today's action:


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