Food for thought - Ads

We commonly think of them as annoying, a nuisance, something we simply do not want to see at all. Ads. On some sites they are everywhere, others fool you into clicking them by thinking you should be clicking them to download what you want or whatever the case may be. Personally I hate those kinds of deceptive methods.

How often do you think about the reason web sites and videos have them though? The content is provided free of charge. Web sites cost money to host and such, those charges are often times covered by donations and/or the ads themselves.

When the ads are on websites like mine, only when the ad is clicked would I get anything. When the ads are on YouTube videos like mine, one must watch the whole ad or click on it to generate anything.

Thank you for reading this far and I hope you think about it the next time you see an ad on my or other individuals web sites or on a video.


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