Noise reduction - removing hiss from video

If you've watched my previous videos you will have heard an annoying hiss in the background. This was due to me thinking I needed to use Microphone Boost for my mic. Sadly I have a lot of video already up on YouTube so what do I do?  Well if this happens to you, there is hope for your videos! Just expect it to be a bit of work.

First off if you don't have the originals anymore, just go ahead and download them from YouTube. You will download them as MP4's this way.

Second to extract the audio track from the MP4 files you will need two things. First you'll need the program Audacity @ Second Audacity can not natively import audio from MP4 files so you'll need to download FFmpeg export/import library @ Just watch for comparability between the version of audacity you download and the version of FFmpeg you use.

Now you can import the MP4 file in Audacity.  You can select the whole track at this point and go Effect -> Noise Reduction. Before you start reducing the noise you'll have to "Get Noise Profile". What settings work best for your track will really depend upon your video.

After getting the track is to your satisfaction you'll export it. What you export it to will depend slightly upon what video editor you use. I use Hit Film 4 Express which will take both WAV & MP3 files.

Essentially all that needs to be done within the video editor is to delete just the audio track. Bring in your cleaned up version of your audio track. For the purposes of this exercise nothing more needs to be done and you can export it. Good luck!


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