Part 9 Shadowrun Dragonfall Director's Cut on Hard

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We started today by turning in our operation with The Lodge and discovered they are deep in the shadows. Spoke with our local cyber clinic Doc and discovered his true reasons to be in the area.

From there our focus turned to the next operation, MKVI theft. The first video is our exploration of a floor with a lab, archival system, a pair of offices and security station. A little bit of everything so it would seem. We had to bash in some skulls in security and that is the end of this piece:

Following that we worked our magic with the lab, archives and offices, Milk filled part of the run to say the least, tasted good. All this was to get our way up to the floor with the MKVI prototype,

Here we discovered how horrific the prototype truly is and learned we could take it out for a ride, so to say. However AG wouldn't just let us walk down to the garage without putting up one hell of a fight.

These fights took their toll on Trax who just took too much concentrated fire. I walked out of it all alive, but only because I was able to use two Trauma Kits.

Not how I wanted that run to go down at all, on the plus side I did complete the run...for the most part...


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