Video Editors and Editing vs Exporting from Twitch

When I completed Shadowrun Returns I had decided to start doing manual editing of my videos rather than transfer from Twitch, breaking them into 15 minute segments. Initially I had found a listing of only a few free video editing options. None of those had panned out with any effectiveness.

Then I came up on a listing on TECHRADAR of many more options, some of which surprised me. First, Blender which I thought was primarily competing against Maya in 3D animation could do video editing. After comparing Blender, Davinci Resolve and Hit Film 4 Express, I went with Hit Film 4. All of them are completely free and one of the others on the list may work better for you.

The pro's of going this route are that each of my videos are broken up exactly how I want them to be broken up and I'm able to merge different days together seamlessly, even removing stuff that was fine for live like introduction and catch up.

The only con's really are that it is very time consuming. With the previous method I would just click on export and set what I need to set. Not long after that the video's would be up on YouTube ready for viewing. Now I have to spend hours editing, exporting and uploading. In the end I'm sure it will be worth it, but right now with my limited time this is proving to be a challenge.


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