Anyone have any advice?

Often times I look at other YouTube channels and see how they're growing or how they've grown in the past. I see how quickly they grew and grow and wonder what they're doing differently that has helped them be so successful so fast.

I know my setup isn't the best. For example my mic really needs an upgrade but I don't have the extra money to replace it so I have to make do with what I have. So I don't think this is the primary reason I'm not growing.

Maybe it's my content. When I created my VLog's about "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and "Fed Up" they didn't get many views. However once I shared them in a few places they spiked in views and currently are some of my best videos. My channel is about video games though so focusing on them I know that my Shadowrun LP's are not the best because my audio setup at the time really was sub par. However I've tweaked it a lot since then and new videos I record are just fine, all be it I haven't reached them on the editing point yet to upload them.  As I was saying my content, perhaps its the games I've chosen to play? They aren't the most well known or the most watched. Perhaps if I went with League of Legends or Call of Duty type games maybe I'd get a lot more subs right off the bat.

Perchance I'm not sharing my content with the right people in the right places. I should probably use my account here more to promote the individual video's more but currently I share my videos on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest. I should at least try here, it wouldn't hurt I don't think.

Maybe its me. Maybe I haven't been enjoyable to watch?

I really wish I knew what part of the formula I was doing wrong. I really want to be adding at least one new subscriber per day, because then I would know I'm growing and know I'm on the right path. As it stands I won't give up, I will keep learning, keep trying for I know I will eventually achieve my goal.

Anyone have any advice?


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