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Hilarious Stunt Cinematic

The final for Advanced 3D Game Design was to create a cinematic using matinee in unreal engine 4, in groups. Originally we wanted to have a stunt team go awry and releasing a deadly virus from a secret military installation causing you to be the zombie apocalypse.

We set up the framework for that idea then we ran off with the stunt idea and started making it hilarious. Now please don't try this at home as you will die horribly, multiple times however without further ado laugh your heart out.

Credits to the team:
Garett Hoch @ Garett's Dev Blog
David Matias
Alec Edwards @ ostracized gamer
Lucas Kmiecik

Shadowrun Returns Noise Reduction Progress

I'm about a third of the week through removing as much of the white noise as possible from my Shadowrun Returns recordings. I did close to a fifth of it before discovering there was a more efficient way. Some of the earlier stuff has a bit of white noise but there is very little after that point.

Sadly my recording and streaming schedule is totally FUBAR'ed. My daughter is now no longer taking her afternoon nap, instead she doesn't take it until about the time my wife gets home at which point my wife would like some attention or I have to go off to my part time job.

It will take time to balance this all well but in the end it will be worth it. To see what I've worked on thus far take a look at the playlist! Enjoy!

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Noise reduction - removing hiss from video

If you've watched my previous videos you will have heard an annoying hiss in the background. This was due to me thinking I needed to use Microphone Boost for my mic. Sadly I have a lot of video already up on YouTube so what do I do?  Well if this happens to you, there is hope for your videos! Just expect it to be a bit of work.

First off if you don't have the originals anymore, just go ahead and download them from YouTube. You will download them as MP4's this way.

Second to extract the audio track from the MP4 files you will need two things. First you'll need the program Audacity @ Second Audacity can not natively import audio from MP4 files so you'll need to download FFmpeg export/import library @ Just watch for comparability between the version of audacity you download and the version of FFmpeg you use.

Now you can import the MP4 file in Audacity.  You can select the whole track at this point and go…

Part 9 Shadowrun Dragonfall Director's Cut on Hard

If you haven't watched any of my videos previously check out my page on YouTube @ or to watch Shadowrun Dragonfall from the beginning on the playlist @

We started today by turning in our operation with The Lodge and discovered they are deep in the shadows. Spoke with our local cyber clinic Doc and discovered his true reasons to be in the area.

From there our focus turned to the next operation, MKVI theft. The first video is our exploration of a floor with a lab, archival system, a pair of offices and security station. A little bit of everything so it would seem. We had to bash in some skulls in security and that is the end of this piece:

Following that we worked our magic with the lab, archives and offices, Milk filled part of the run to say the least, tasted good. All this was to get our way up to the floor with the MKVI prototype,

Here we discovered how horrific the prototype truly is and learned we could take it out for a ride, so to…

Part 8 Shadowrun Dragonfall Director's Cut

If you haven't watched any of my videos previously check out my page on YouTube @ or to watch Shadowrun Dragonfall from the beginning on the playlist @

Today's action was short and sweet. We finished our Trial Run, where we basically steamrolled Knight Errant Security. First we finished up on the Penthouse level.

Following the Penthouse level we had to fight our way back to the U-Bahn, neither of which proved to be very challenging even on hard. Maybe I should have chosen the hardest setting?

Part 7 Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director's Cut on Hard

If you haven't watched any of my videos previously check out my page on YouTube @ or to watch Shadowrun Dragonfall from the beginning on the playlist @

Today's action consisted of legwork post the Hard Times run. Meeting a new elusive Mr. Johnson and picking up the next couple operations.

Deciding to take up the new operation called Trial Run we set out to meet a full compliment of unknown team members. Running the shadows with unknowns is generally never a safe play. Things start off on the wrong foot right off the bat and only get more dicey.

We didn't finish the operation today, it'll have to wait until next time.

Part 6 Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut on Hard

If you haven't watched any of my videos previously check out my page on YouTube or to watch Shadowrun Dragonfall from the beginning on its playlist.

Today's game play consisted of helping those of our kiez. We picked up two missions, one to help our local weapon dealer with his shipments being stolen. Another was to help a sewer technician find out whats going on with the sewer system - that it stopped.

Going down into the sewers we discovered what the whole conundrum was about and quickly were able to resolve the issues down there.

Following that we took the U-Bahn train system to investigate what happened to the weapons shipments. I went in thinking I could try to complete this operation without any combat. Watch it to see how that went.

Food for thought - Ads

We commonly think of them as annoying, a nuisance, something we simply do not want to see at all. Ads. On some sites they are everywhere, others fool you into clicking them by thinking you should be clicking them to download what you want or whatever the case may be. Personally I hate those kinds of deceptive methods.

How often do you think about the reason web sites and videos have them though? The content is provided free of charge. Web sites cost money to host and such, those charges are often times covered by donations and/or the ads themselves.

When the ads are on websites like mine, only when the ad is clicked would I get anything. When the ads are on YouTube videos like mine, one must watch the whole ad or click on it to generate anything.

Thank you for reading this far and I hope you think about it the next time you see an ad on my or other individuals web sites or on a video.

Part 5 Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Directors Cut Hard

Today was the continuation of the elimination of the branch of Humanis Policlub. It was amazing how well they hid because it wasn't until I was at their bowels did they start to come out and swarm me. Like gnats though they caused little difficulty.  After a methodical fight our team emerged victoriously with only but a few gunshot wounds.

Post op legwork was filled with a great deal of backstory for each of the team members. Watch it from the beginning below or jump to the PLAYLIST to watch it from the beginning.

Video Editors and Editing vs Exporting from Twitch

When I completed Shadowrun Returns I had decided to start doing manual editing of my videos rather than transfer from Twitch, breaking them into 15 minute segments. Initially I had found a listing of only a few free video editing options. None of those had panned out with any effectiveness.

Then I came up on a listing on TECHRADAR of many more options, some of which surprised me. First, Blender which I thought was primarily competing against Maya in 3D animation could do video editing. After comparing Blender, Davinci Resolve and Hit Film 4 Express, I went with Hit Film 4. All of them are completely free and one of the others on the list may work better for you.

The pro's of going this route are that each of my videos are broken up exactly how I want them to be broken up and I'm able to merge different days together seamlessly, even removing stuff that was fine for live like introduction and catch up.

The only con's really are that it is very time consuming. With the previ…

Part 4 Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut

Knowing we need to raise 50,000 yen I recalled our neighborhood "soup kitchen" pitching a run. The job, simple. Take out a racist organization. The location, not so simple. Their compound. With that we set off on the run.
Nothing is smooth sailing in the world of the action from the beginning on the PLAYLIST or catch it from the start of today's action below: