Fallout a Post Nuclear RPG

The first Fallout was quite an achievement in RPG standards. Although it was created 20 years ago it remains one of the most highly rated RPGs ever. The story is very flexible, so flexible in fact I decided to create a play on the theme, "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly". I have chosen go with "The Virtuous, The Evil and The Moron".

The Virtuous will do his best to be the ultimate good guy. I've started uploading the videos from this play through up to my channel, see them here:

He's going to hit the wastelands solo but getting the best energy weapon and the best armor before even exploring the main story line.

The Evil of course will be the ultimate butcher-er. This play through is a bit more complex and I attempted it once already but hit a bad snag near the end. In my book it'll be easier to redo it preventing the snag then trying to finish it with the snag.

Lastly the Moron is an interesting one that may be unique to only a few games. If you create your character with 4 or less intelligence you will have very different dialogue options. I barely started recording this LP however it is already quite hilarious. Also going to be insanely tough as you really are a moron in the conversations. Can't wait to share it!


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