Who Is IG4G

My name is Aaron Franchi. I’ve been a passionate video gamer for as long back as my memories go. The earliest of those memories are with Tetris for the Gameboy and Super Mario Bros & Contra for the NES. For the following decade or so I played on pretty much every system from the aforementioned to Playstation and PC. The games that struck the strongest chord with me though were RPGs and Strategy games like Final Fantasy 1, 2 and 3, Tactics, Ogre Battle, Warsong, Panzer General, MissionForce Cyberstorm and so many others. Since the Playstation era I’ve been mostly on the PC, with a lot of online gaming.

When I was younger I expressed my creativity in many ways. I wrote a lot of poetry, wrote some short stories and started much larger writing projects. I remember in high school starting the design for a Multi User Dungeon (MUD) game as well. However for whatever reason when I went off to college I never thought of creating video games, instead I went to college to be a Cisco Certified Network Administrator. It was the wrong choice for a number of reasons however it was an accelerated program and I finished my bachelors degree in two years and eight months. A lot happened in my life over the next 10 years but that is when I decided to go back to school. I started taking video game design courses and although I loved the program it connected me with something I am just that much more passionate about.

I had known about Twitch and e-sports for years but I never considered it even with my countless hours devoted to gaming. I started streaming & recording with an honestly poor audio setup back in May 2016. However by Fall I had worked out the kinks and am going full bore. I hope you enjoy the games I showcase!


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